Snickerdoodle Thursday. 🍪

1:30–I only got 2 and a half hours of sleep last night so I might be quite boring today. Who know tho, right? I’m off work today so I came to my moms to help bake cookies. My best friend John wanted cookies last night but instead I’m making them today. Why do I wait till the next day? Well because I’m lazy sorry. I’m going to start baking see you in a few.

6:35 pm. I’m done baking. Made those snickerdoodle cookies for John. If he wasn’t so cute and make me happy I’d say no when he asks for cookies but oh well. We are at the bar now drinking a few beers with Chris who is a friend of John. If you were to see him guys you’d think he was mean but he is actually nice. *shhhh* you didn’t hear it from me. Anyways nothing really happened today. I was off so of course I was bored but I hate a lot. 😬 have a weigh in tomorrow super nervous.

Have a wonderful night guys and gals see you tomorrow!


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