Things happen and life moves on. Right?

As the new year starts and all you guys/gals start making your “New Years resolutions” just keep in mind your number one resolution should be about making yourself happy.

This year my resolutions will be..

1. To let things happen and let it be.

2. To go to gym or run everyday to get toned.

3. To live my life to the fullest and to love the ones who love me.

Today was not the best day of my life but it’s just day 2 of 2018. Everyday is a new day to make it great, I have all the power in my hands. I’ll never fully understand why I give so much but never expect anything more. Either way, I know if it’s meant to be it will be. Love comes and love goes; you just have to remember it is what it is. Don’t stress the small stuff.


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