My first week of January.

January has not been the best but it will get better.

January 1, I had to work so that was bad but oh well. It was day one that I started losing a friend so that was not good at all.

January 2, Worked some more and had to pay my insurance which sucked. I got to see my sister in law and that was great. She is pregnant so I’m super excited to be a aunt.

January 3, I went to a Jason’s house to get some stuff and see my dogs. I cried so hard that I just couldn’t breath. Then I went to a friends house. She is majorly pregnant and her son is in love with me. He is so cute! I ate dinner with my family and watched Dr. Pimple popper in tv it was AWESOME!

January 4, I went to get a beer with a friend who I haven’t seen in years. She was my best friend in high school but college made us be distant. Being a adult sucks at times. Then I went on a date with a guy l. He was super sweet and paid for everything. I’m not sure I’ll see him again but who knows what’s in store for me. Then went to Cocnutz with my friend Gomez, heard the Jonas Brothers and the night was made.

January 5, Today i found out I can no longer talk to my best friend and he truly picked someone over me. It’s fine, time heals all wounds so I’m told. I worked again and I enjoyed it for once. Im at Maggie’s again now. I’m going to eat dinner with Dallas again tonight and I’m excited for that. Not sure what’s is in store for me after that.

So all in all my week was pretty shitty I lost a love I once had, saw my dogs and had to say my last goodbyes to them, got to see Dallas who I haven’t seen since high school, saw Maggie and her baby.


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