22 years ago..

John Enrike Rivera, my brother was born. 5 weeks early, 7:21 pm on a Sunday, 6 pounds 14 oz and 17 inches long.

I knew the moment he came into this world my life would be hell and boy was I right.

My sister Dot ran him over with my Barbie Jeep, he walked on a piece of wood and got a nail stuck in his foot, one time he hit his butt on the wall so hard and made a big hole, we used to have punching contest and after a few years he started winning. My other brother has 2 sets of stitches and they are from him and every time he got hurt he would tell him to tell our mom you just feel. Those are just a few memories I had with my brother.

My number one favorite memory of him was when I was a junior in high school my boyfriend and I broke up and I cried a lot. He was mad that I was upset and he sat with me while I laid there crying my eyes out. That day I knew we would fight, say shit we don’t mean and at the end of the day we love one another and will be there for each other.

He is 22 today, he is married and expecting his first kid. I’m so excited for you, John Aka bubba.

Hope you have a wonderful day and I’ll see you at dinner! I love you! ❤️😊


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