Either your head or your heart..

Lauv- The Other This song is speaking to my heart a lot today.


There’s never been a way to make this easy. When there’s nothing quite wrong but it don’t feel right. Its either you choose your head or you choose your heart but either way one will get burned.

Saying goodbye can be hard. Either it’s saying it to your family, your friends or a significant other. Goodbyes can come in many ways and can hurt more ways then you want to admit to.

I’m in the process of having to decide what my future will hold. Should I leave or should I stay? I don’t have anything really here in Amarillo anymore besides my family and a few friends. The love I once had is here but I can love him from far away, it’ll be easier for sure just hurt more than I want to imagine. Can I say goodbye to the ones that matter or will I be kept to stay because goodbyes hurt? What to do, what to do?? Back and forth makes me just feel bad about myself everyday. I want to make myself happy but I’ll miss my family and all my friends.  Do I choose love or do I choose happiness.

I have the opportunity to move to Forth Worth, Tx. My cousin is there, more job opportunities, more things to do, just more of everything. I’ll have my decision by February 3! Time to start praying to the almighty God to help lead me in the right direction.







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