New beginnings start now..

I currently work at Cvs Pharmacy as a pharmacy technician. I love all my coworkers, they are like literally family now. Hell, my boss calls me her roomie at times because I’ve slept on her couch plenty of times. Anyways ha-ha, I would never regret accepting this job 2 and a half years ago. It made me become stronger and more independent. Thank you guys.

As all good things come to an end though, I will be leaving this wonderful company to start a new chapter in my life. Today I got a phone call from the manger at Xcel Energy, I got offered the job I applied for. I’ve been praying for this for weeks, I’m very excited. People keep asking me, is it because the pay is better? That’s one reason but also they pay for your tuition if you want to continue to go to school. I will start school next school year and begin starting a career in Education for the special needs. I would not have went back to school if it wasn’t for this company and my friends sisters soon to be husband. When I first met him he told me something that has been in the back of mind since I left Dallas to come back home. He told me “you’ll never be fully happy with life unless you are happy with what you are doing in it now.” I thought I was happy with what I was doing not just my job but everything. I came home and sat down and thought when was I actually happy, I couldn’t think of anything besides John and seeing my cousin who has special needs. I started reading my bible again, going to church and praying and it hit me. I can do this alone or not I can do this. I applied for the job December 31, had a job interview January 11, and got the job today. Everything is falling into place.

Either way, as I say goodbye to one great company I’ll be saying hello to another. Cvs has treated me wonderfully and I have nothing bad to say about it. I recommend it to people who like to be part of a work family instead of just a number. I’ll miss all my customers who have a special place in my heart and all my co workers who made sure to always make me laugh or knew my coffee order so I’d show up to coffee. My co workers are going to be the hardest to say goodbye to. I know I’ll see most of them still, that’s a plus.

As I close tis out just want to say… Thank you guys/gals for treating me wonderfully and helping me grow. I’ll always be changed on how I look at Dr offices and pharmacies. We do a lot and we taken for granted but we will always have one another’s back.


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