Nothing town.

Eastern New Mexico University, located in Portales, New Mexico. It is literally a nothing town but that never stopped us from having a blast everyday and night. when I say I us I mean my two best friend I met in Mr. Hauns freshman orientation class. Leilani and April.

I was already nervous going to a new town, new school where I literally knew NO ONE! Mr. Haun was my 3rd class every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. First day we got paired in twos to do a Q&A thing to get to know someone. Leilani drew my name in the hat and after that we became friends. We all also had communications together at 8 am. Did we always make it to that one, HELL NO. We sure did make it to breakfast every morning though.

My favorite memory I have with these two is very hard to pick. It was between the day we got Leilani tongue pierced and we cut up her nuggets so she could eat since her tongue was so swollen. Maybe it was the time I died her Leilani hair and we got the box color with no gloves and April and I went to Spanish class after and our teacher thought I was getting hit because Leilani wanted black hair dye. Maybe the time we did that photo journal for Mr. Haun and we didn’t like who we got for the fourth girl but we did it all and won but never got our prize. I wonder still what it was to this day ha. I think the one memory I have was when we would sit in Leilani dorm room just talking crap about our classes and how we hated homework or who we thought was cute and jamming to music so loud that the floor vibrated. Or the time we hung out with big Joe and little Joe and little Joe roommate had a crush on April so we always made fun of her because she didn’t see it so she always gave him a hug. Our wal-mart trips, Clovis trips and all the crazy times we laughed so hard we couldn’t breath.

I know now that the friends you make in college will be your friends for life. Leilani and I talk on a regular basis and April is supposed to be coning to visit she used to live in Amarillo and we hung out a few times when she lived here. I miss you girls, we have to try to get together this summer, April even if we have to make the drive to Leila.

Hope you girls are happy and miss me just as much as I miss y’all. 🙂


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