Flu season.

The past 2 days I’ve been dealing with the flu. Sorry readers for not blogging so much. I’m feeling not so much better but my head doesn’t hurt so much so I’m able to write today.

I just want to thank a few people for taking care of me these past 2 days. Devin, thank you for the fresh fruits, cough drops, Gatorades and compliments for the no makeup sweats look I showed you.

Momma, thank you for making me sweet rice for me. I haven’t been able to swallow much so the sweet rice made me full and helped coat my throat.

Dad, thank you for getting me ice cream at 9 pm when I asked for it because I want the coldness since my fever came back. I love you.

John, thank you for being the first person who text me worried about me and asking if I needed anything. I know you’d get me anything if I needed it at the time.

Tonight I plan on getting caught up on Gold Rush and sleeping all threw the night. Thank you guys for caring and emailing me asking if I was okay. You readers mean the world to me. Next blog will be better I promise.

Goodnight and sweet dreams! 😷😀


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