As I sit here watching the pro bowl with my baby brother my mind just keeps wondering off. To what you may ask? To Devin.

Devin Devin Devin. Where do I begin with this one. He came out of no where literally. We went on a small date to Roasters to get coffee before I had to go to work. Then I let him plan a whole Saturday date and it was awesome. I’ve done stuff I’ve never done before and it made me really happy. This past week I’ve been sick and he has bought me dinner, fruits, Gatorade and even just let me lay down and he played with my hair so I could nap for a bit. He had brought a smile back to my face, a laugh again, and just being happy all over again. 💚

Thank you Devin, can’t wait to see what our friendship will lead us. You’re very cute and sweet and funny. 😀


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