I don’t think most of you really know who I am or maybe not know a lot about me. Todays blog will be about me. I saw on Pinterest a little expert from someone who kind of did the same thing with like 30 questions. I wont do that many because I’m not that interesting. If I don’t answer a question you’re just dying to know. Comment below and I’ll answer it next blog. Thank you all. 🙂 So let’s begin..

  1. My full name? Ellena Maria Rivera
  2. My age? I’m 23 but only till Thursday.
  3. 3 fears? Death, Heights and never being enough.
  4. 3 things I love? I love my friends, family, dogs(even the ones I don’t have anymore).
  5. 4 turn ons? A mans smile, cologne, neck kisses and how treat your mom.
  6. 4 turn offs? Bad attitude, Bad mouth, if you think I need you because I don’t lets just get that shit straight now haha and taste in music.
  7. My best friend since middle school? Gabby.
  8. My best friend since Pre-k so basically my sister? Dorothy Katherine Marie Edgar.
  9. My best first date?  Jason asked me to go see a movie with him. I bought the tickets and he bought the food. I was running late and he text me freaking out thinking I was standing him up. We missed the previews which he knew was my favorite part of movies. So he bought tickets to the same movie after so we could sit and just watch the previews. That made me so happy. Makes me smile just thinking about it again.
  10. How tall am I? I am short and by that I mean I am 5’3.
  11. What do I miss most about December? Christmas lights and carols!
  12. What time was I born and how much did I weigh? I was born at 8:05 am and I was 8 pounds and 5 oz.
  13. Favorite color? Purple and Aquamarine
  14. Favorite food? Right now it is cheese fries from Firehouse.
  15. What am I listening to right now? Brett Young-In case you didn’t know.
  16. What is my shoe size? 7
  17. What color are my eyes? Brown
  18. My hair color? Brown
  19. My favorite Movie? Oh gosh, I would have to say Moulin Rouge. Yes its a musical!
  20. How I feel right now? I’ve been better, just getting over the flu virus which sucks. I got my flu shot too.
  21. Someone I love? My mom 🙂
  22. My current relationship status? Oh boy. I just recently got into a relationship. 🙂
  23. My relationship with my parents? It’s great, they are my best friends at times.
  24. Favorite holiday? Don’t really have one because I like each one for different reasons.
  25. Do I have any tattoos and piercings? I currently have 3 piercings (belly button, ears and nose) and I have 5 tattoos (my hip, shoulder, both wrist and ankle more to come though)

Well all in all that’s mostly me people . Hope that’s all you want to know if not like I said just comment and I’ll answer anything. Thank you have a great night. Countdown to me being 24 begins today.




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