Gotta get your head in the game

As I sit here watching musicals I have to tell you about my day. I actually had a good day today. I had a good nights sleep, got to see a friends and spend some time with him. then I got off I-40 and my car died. I put a new battery in it, pout gas in it and even added oil but still nothing. Sucks big time but hopefully tomorrow I will be able to see more and see what else it could be.

I have my next 7 days planned so if they go as planned my blogs for this week will be all happy blogs. I’ve never been more excited for a week until now. 🙂

Monday I work 8-4. I’ll go see bird and Carl and watch the new episode of The Bachelor.

Tuesday and Wednesday I will be working again 8-4 but after work I’ll spend my nights with Devin. Wednesday as in Valentines day and Ash Wednesday. I will see Devin that night. We will make a Key Lime pie and cuddle and watch a musical(maybe if I’m lucky).

Thursday More work but I get to come home and relax and wait for the new Grey’s Anatomy.

Friday Last day at work before I start my new job. Will go to dinner with Devin, come home and get some pretty sleep.

Saturday and Sunday I have a hair appointment at 9 am and then after that’s it’s Devin day. We will be going to Air U, Rock Climbing, a movie and I’ll be taking him to my favorite burger place to get a peanut butter jelly burger. 🙂 **Devin if you’re reading this you’ll never find out what place this is, just wait and be surprised** After all that, then we will go back to devins and I lay around watch movies and wake up and he’ll cook me organic blueberry pancakes Sunday morning. 🙂


Lets hope it all goes as planned and I will let take pictures and tell you how the whole day goes. Devin may not be my boyfriend anymore but he will continue to be my best friend so that means you’ll hear about him a lot still. Sorry not sorry.



Goodnight and sweet dreams guys/gals. Love you! BBBYYYYYEEEE!!



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