Full speed Arie

Sitting here in my bed listening to I used to love you Sober by Kane Brown. It sure was a Monday that’s for sure. It was a pretty good day though, no complaints really. I didn’t get to go see Bird or Carl like I planned to. I came home from work, ate lunch and took a nap till 6:30. Woke up just in time for my show.

I was able to watch Arie(the new bachelor) choose who is going to home visits with. Last week Krystal went home, I was so happy; you can never trust a Krystal with a K only trust them with a C. This week they went to Tuscany, had two one on one dates and one group date of three. He ended up sending my favorite girl home. 22 year old Bekah M (picture at the bottom.) I was really hoping she’d win but with a 14 year age cap I also knew it wouldn’t happen. She also said she had doubts of being ready for marriage but who doesn’t when you’ve only seen 4 bachelor couples actually make it past there season airs. Now I’m thinking Tia will win, she is the second cutest in my book. Next week is going to brutal for him having to go met four different girls family and see there life. I’d be very worried about dads. We all know little girls and dads have a special bond, don’t hurt there little girl or you’ll end up n 20/20 as a missing person haha.

After the bachelor I took a shower and laid down, watched my vlogs, read a few chapters from my book and now writing this wonderful blog. 🙂 it’s basically midnight, I should be trying to go to sleep 6:30 am comes fast(sucks being a girl sometimes ha)

Goodnight followers and readers. Love you all. BBBYYYEEEE!!!! 🙂 

P.S. This is BekahF:PHOTOMediaFactory ActionsRequests DropBox48529#abc147655_1283.jpeg


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