Oh where do I begin with this weekend. I spent all weekend with Devin. It was defiantly one for the books and totally worth remembering. Let me tell you..

Saturday. We literally laid in bed sleeping off and on till 3. It was great to catch up on sleep that is for sure. We then went to a late lunch/dinner. We went to Braceros on 6th street. I haven’t been there in years since my uncle died, it was nice and good. We then went to Market Street to get stuff to make an organic Key Lime pie. It was DELICIOUS!! After we got home to make the pie, we watched a movie on the couch then went to bed. It was a lazy Saturday but every good.

Sunday, we stayed in bed again till 2 or 3. Went to Red Robbin, never been there but it was good. We took his GTI for a car wash, went home to watch The Vault with James Franco also we were with Lily his husky. Then we went to Starbucks because it was only 8 at night and I was getting tired. We then went to Wal-Mart to get Lily some bones and went back home watched a documentary and showered and went to bed at like 1.

So it was a lazy weekend but we laughed, we played around and we got to spend alone time together. It was very very fun also was darn near perfect. Thank you Devin for making me the happiest girl in the world this weekend even though we really didn’t do anything still made it memorable.


Anyways its 10:30 pm, it was my first day at Xcel, didn’t really want to make friends so that’s good. I’m there to learn and work and make money. Some people in my class make me want to just yell because they just ask stupid questions or repeat what the teacher says like they didn’t hear or just talk. It’s SOOO annoying. It’s 8 week training class(11:30am-8:00 pm.) I’m so excited to decorate a cubicle haha. 🙂

Well have a goodnight and sweet dreams. Talk to you later. Have to wake up early tomorrow to go car shopping. 🙂 So BBBYYYYYYYEEEE!!!! 🙂




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