Friday eve.

One more day guys and it is FRIDAY!!!! I’ve been waiting for this day for 4 days haha. I mean who hasn’t though, right?

Work today was not good at all. I had the worst headache all day my stomach was hurting and I was so irritated with people in my training class asking dumb questions and making smart ass remarks to EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!! **Inner thought, BITCH just shut up for like 30 minuets before I just punch you** I’ve been missing Devin haven’t talked to him in 2 days, sucks when you have to try to just be friends and you want all the attention ha. I made his name that color green because it’s his favorite color. Sorry I’m girly at times. Either way tomorrow I might just turn my phone off all day or just leave it at home so I don’t try to text him. I’m kidding, I have to keep my phone on me, I put in my house application and car application in today so have to wait for those calls. Pray for me please. Thank you.

At work today, I learned that people use there kids social as there’s sometimes to start service because they can’t. So people don’t do that, please. If you plan on not paying your bill or skipping out on paying don’t! It will just ruin your kids credit forever! Thank you in advance. I also learned that you can keep a gun in your car if you want to just not in the building. #awesome. So I will get to see what cubicle I will get next week, give me some ideas on how to decorate it. Pictures of my dog duh. If I had kids they would be in my cube for sure. Maybe soon 😉 Also if you know where I can get a single cup kurig and a battery operated heater let me know ASAP! Thank you in advance because I’ll forget to tell you.

Tomorrow is Friday. You know what that means?! I get to watch the new Grey’s Anatomy(which it came on today but I get off at 8 and it’s over at 8). I still have not finished the Bachelor that came on Monday so I’m sorry I haven’t done a bachelor wrap up, I feel asleep at 11 last night sorry I was literally dead tired! I might try to finish it tonight after I post but who knows haha. Either way, thank you guys for not spoiling it for me. Y’all are the best.

Well, not sure what to tell you anymore. I told you about my day and my thoughts about the day. Thanks for letting me rant for a while. Have a wonderful night and sweet dreams! BBBBYYYYYYEEEEE!!



P.s       someone asked me why I add that *bbbrrrppp* at the end all the time, it’s an inside joke with my old boss and friends. #sorrynotsorry     BBBBYYYYYEEE

It’s my Lily bug

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