It’s Friday bitches!! Or I should say it was Friday haha it’s almost over now. I had a wonderful day at work today got to look into the system I’ll be using. Looks easy but who knows though. It was warm when I went to work then about 6:30 I went on break and it was freezing cold.

I have to work at Cvs tomorrow for a while but besides that I’ll be spending my weekend with Devin. My best friend Devin and I will be doing nothing like always but he might have plans for us.

Well I finally finished The bachelor the other girl I wanted to win went home. Her name was Tia. I don’t think I will finish watching it because I really don’t care now. I will watch Sundays episode of the women tell all which is awesome!! 🙂 Love the drama! I’m weird ha

tia   <—– That’s Tia.

Well guys I’m very tired and my eye has an ingrown eyelash and it hurts so bad to blink or itch my eye or anything. I’m going to lay down and watch a few episodes of The Bachelor Winter Games ha. Goodnight and sweet dreams! BBBBBBYYYYYYEEEEEEE.







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