Drama ends

It is Tuesday night. Work was great I actually have no complaints tonight about my 8 hour day. I am very excited for my future within this company.

I currently am sitting on my bed, watching The Bachelor Women tell all with a face mask on. The Bachelor is just DRAMA DRAMA. I just love it so much, does that make me weird? It just started so I have no input on it yet just Becca and Tia look amazing. Also Krystal is still annoying as fuck. Sorry not sorry.

I talked to my best friend today for a bit. Andy Gomez or Jr. He makes me feel better about myself a lot. He keeps me grounded half the time, I can be very down about myself ir stressed and he will tell me straight up. It may hurt my feelings at times but it always makes me feel better knowing he cares and he is always there for me in the end. If I complain about something or someone he always makes a joke about it so helps me calm down at times haha. My best friend is way better than most.

I also got new amazon shoes (John don’t make fun) I love them. Devin seems to buy some and always send them back. He is a weird one but a great one ha. I should get my new car Thursday, very excited to show it off to the max! Get ready guys!!

Well guys, I’m going to lay down and finish The Bachelor and then watch The Resident. If you haven’t heard of The Resident stay tuned will start blogging about that because The Bachelor is almost over. Grey’s also starts this week, WOOT WOOT!!

Goodnighyt and sweet dreams. BBBBYYYYYEEEE







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