5 things that made me happy this February.

Well today is the last day of February. Boy did it just fly by, just yesterday it seems like it was New Years eve haha. Those are just a few pictures of my month. From Mr. Reyes, Chris, Devin, my new job and Gomez(my best friend). I want to let you guys know what made me so very happy this month.

  1. I am becoming an aunt. my sister-in-law is having a baby. I am so excited, Leslie and John(bubba) will be great parents. ill be the best aunt too.
  2. February 1, 2018. not just because I turned 24, but Devin met my family. That just made me happy because my family means the world to me. I wasn’t always there for them but they were always there for me, always just a phone call away.
  3. Meeting Devin Jones. We met in January but we became really really close in February. I never knew a PERSON could make me that happy and make me that excited for a future. He became my happiness, my smile, my laugh and just my everything in just one short month. Does that make me crazy?
  4. New job. I started Xcel Energy February 19, it was a big ass change from counting pills in a pharmacy to answering calls in a cubicle. I am very very excited for this new journey in my life. I hope it’s a wonderful one.
  5. The Resident. It’s a new Dr. t.v show on Fox and boy do I like it. I had to find something else to watch because for a few weeks I didn’t have Greys Anatomy. Also I have a strong feeling Grey’s is about to end for good. So sad but so true.


This month has made me very excited for March, i can’t wait to see what it will have in store for me. Tomorrow March 1 i will be doing this thing called 31 days of self love. I’ll be very open about everything so get ready for my emotional self. Just want to say thank you Gomez for bringing me up today, i had a mini breakdown but you helped. I needed that pick me up, I was feeling bad for myself so I skipped eating today just drinking water and chewing sugar free gum. I felt very fat the past few days so i’ve been working out and watching what i eat. Eating disorders can be hell to love with so understand me when i say. Every little thing you say to people it can change there whole outlook on themselfes. I just went to the dr and found out i gained weight and i went from i’m pretty to i’m ugly in a snap. sucks ass, but its my life i have to deal with it everyday.

well, goodnight guys. I get my new car tomorrow!! 🙂 How excited am i? VERY!! Have sweet dreams and a winderful night. BBBBBYYYYYEEEE!!





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