First giveaway!

One thing I need to get rid of in my life is thinking I’m never going to fully enough for someone ever and I doubt myself in every little thing I do.

I think the reason for that is because I dated this guy for 4 years and one day out of the blue he broke up with me. How can that happen or how can someone just sorta waste 4 years of a life with someone and bam want something different. Jason was my world forever and he left me hanging with no explanation, no why, no nothing. Since all of that I feel like if I can be so faithful and so in love with someone how come they can just leave with no ifs ands and buts. He made me feel like nothing with nothing just a suit case full of clothes and some personal things I could fit in there or in my car. I then started talking to another guy and he went back to his ex so I didn’t know why I tried everyday to understand it but you love who you love, can’t change that. I then started talking to Devin and we started dating and I cheated and ruined it all. We are still friends sorta but I feel in love hard with him. made the mistake to cheat so I knew I woulkdnt have got him back but I did try. I gave up a lot if things and gave up people who I needed to just to make it work but it didn’t. I’m now going to focus on MY happiness and then the next guy won’t have to deal with my insecurities.

Doubting  myself I do a lot. I always thing I can’t do this or that because its to hard or I just think I wont succeed or someone will say that’s dumb so I give up. I will no longer do that, whatever I want I will do no matter how stupid. I will tell people how I feel no matter what I think they will say or if I end up making a fool of myself. I am ELLENA MARIA RIVERA, no more self doubting, no more thinking I cant do this or that. I can do anything as ,long as I put my mind to it.

Well guys I’m hitting the hay, have to work tomorrow morning. Love you all, goodnight and sweet dreams! BBBBYYYYYEEE!!





First giveaway guys! I’m paying so don’t worry about the price. I’ll choose one guy and one girl. Have fun. 😊
1.Text me on what’s app or message me on messenger a photo of your first week of March.
2. Then follow my blog. Please and thank you.





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