I am learning from my past and building my new future

So as I sit here watching The Bachelor I realize a few things. I have missed a few days in this Self Love challenge so lets catch up, shall we?

Day 3– What is a good habit I want to begin this month? I want to start eating healthier, going to the gym every day and dressing up more like a girl. I want to be done and ready for bathing suit season.

Day 4– What is a compliment that I struggle to accept about myself? Number one compliment I struggle with is when anyone calls me beautiful. I don’t see myself that way so everyone who calls me that I don’t believe them. To me I have to be skinny, no pimples and my makeup looking good to be beautiful. When did self-image become if you are beautiful or not in a girl’s head? There are also days when I feel so beautiful or cute and I’ll tell you when I do but most days I don’t. I fight my brain everyday with am I skinny enough, am I beautiful enough should I do this or that; having an eating disorder will make you think low of yourself. It sucks having to go back and forth in your head every minute of everyday. It’ll get better I know, just have to have some faith.

Last but not least, Day 5. What do I need to start saying yes to? I need to start saying yes to new things. Devin always got me to try new things and everything I’ve tried I liked. I will start trying new things everywhere I go. If its dinner or lunch of just a snack or hell anything. I need to experience more things and more weird fruit. BTW dragon fruit does have a flavor just saying. 🙂

Well guys and girls, I’m going to hit the hay. Have a wonderful night and sweet dreams. I love you all. BBBBYYYYEEEE!




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