Forgiving yourself is way harder than forgiving others..

I think it is so weird that people now a days can forgive people so easily. I can that’s for sure. You can hurt me, make me cry for days and make me want nothing more than to die but I will forgive you in a few days. Why? All because I think I care way to much about other people and I want everyone to like me or get along with me.

Day 6 of the Self Love Challenge. What do you need to forgive yourself for? I need to forgive myself for hurting the ones I love the most. I hurt Devin and not a day goes by that I dint think of that day/night. I cried and I wanted so much to punch myself. I hurt my mom by being the little bitch I am and I’m so sorry momma. I hurt mostly everyone I know and it sucks. You all can forgive me but I can’t forgive myself. I also can’t forgive myself for being me. I am chunky, I am moody and I am depressed at times. I either take it out on myself or everyone around me. I am very sorry guys. There is so much more I wish I could forgive myself for but I just can’t explain it. It’s probably because I haven’t ate today and my allergies are flaring up and I’m very tired. So I’m sorry again.

Have a goodnight and sweet dreams my wonderful follows. I love you all. BBBYYYEEE!!!





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