Beginning to look up.

3-9-2018 will forever be the day that changed me. I was able to get my new car. It is a 2017 Burick Verano. So far I love it, its the best thing I’ve ever owned. Today I will be doing day 7 and day 8 on this self love challenge. You ready for it?

Day 7- Name a thing I love about my body and my personality. Out of my whole body I love my legs the most. I like how they look in pants, shorts, dresses and skirts. Out if my personality, I love how I can adapt to any situation I need to. I can make friends with anyone just by being whoever I need to be to make you like me basically.

Day 8-  Where in your life do you need to slow down & take your time? I know I need to slow down at saying “I love you”. I fall in love to fast and get feelings for people way to fast. I met Devin and hung out with him a few times and I told my best friend I was going to marry him. I really feel in love and I ruined it big time. I hope to one day find that again, I want to be able to be like I will marry him one day. Maybe just maybe.

Well guys, I went to the gym today and I’m very sore and very tired. I’m going to be hitting the hay. Goodnight and sweet dreams. Love you all. Goodnight and sweet dreams.





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