stranger love

Describing yourself to a complete stranger can be hard we all know that. But describing yourself in a loving way is harder. That is basically what day 11 is. How would you describe yourself in a loving way, to a stranger? I don’t quite understand this but I’m going to try.

I consider myself a pretty loving person. I fall in love fast and it sucks. I love my family, friends, my job and love food ha. My family means the world to me, if one of them was to call me no matter the time or day I’d be there. Dorothy Edgar, it goes for her too, she can call no matter the time of day I’d be there for her. I love my job, it keeps me on my toes but it makes me happy. Food oh man I used to only eat that I knew I liked, never really outside the box. Devin got me to eat stuff I used to say I didn’t like but now I love. Like guacamole, sushi, key lime pie and dragon fruit and more. I am sort of no longer a food virgin ha. Gomez, he could call or text me and not even say something is bothering him, I just know.

Well guys I am falling asleep can’t seem to keep my eyes open, I have a dr apt in the morning so goodnight and sweet dreams. BBBBBYYYYYEEEEE!





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