A whole new world.

Today was a horrible horrible day. I only had only got 3 hours of sleep, I didn’t eat for a while 24 hours and I was sore from the gym. It was horrible as hell. Either way today is Day 19.

Day 19- How are you making the world a better place? Well ever since I stared Xcel I started recycling everything I can. I feel like I’m helping the polar bears and that makes me very happy. I know one little thing like that won’t really do much but it’s a step. Right? 🙂

Anyways I’m going to try and get some sleep for once. I had a rough day at work, then I went to the gym and now I’m in bed. Also guys I deleted my Facebook and Instagram. If you want to get ahold of me you can text me on WhatsApp, number on main page or Snapchat. So goodnight guys and gals. BBBYYYEEE!



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