You’re my all and more..

Lauv-Breath As I sit here writing this blog the song I have Lauv in the background. The song that on now is what I added here so click right where it says LAUV-BREATH and you’ll hear it too. 🙂 So I didn’t write a blog yesterday so today will be day 20-21, ready?

Day 20- How can you give yourself a break today? (mentally, physically or emotionally?) My break today was sitting in my car while I was going through a car wash, it was relaxing. I never thought a car wash could just help me forget about the calls today for a Friday it was busy as hell.

Day 21- What’s something you’re working on believing that you deserve? Everyday I have to tell myself I deserve love and to be loved. It sucks because some days I do get discouraged but I have to tell myself that it’ll get better. I’m not the most beautiful or skinny person in the world but I do think I deserve the love I read about in books or watch in movies. Am I weird?

Well guys and gals, I have work in the morning so I’m going to try to go to sleep. So goodnight and sweet dreams. BBBBBYYYYYEEEEE!!!





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