You won’t try to save me, you just want to hurt me..

Russ- Losin Control

So this song has been on repeat all day, I have no idea why but it has. Guys I’m not going to lie to you. Today was not the best day for me, my depression hit very hard. I was very distant from everyone and I sat in my car every break and lunch and just cried. why? I have no freaking clue but I went to the gym and worked out and it helped a little. It cleared my head and made me numb for a bit. Anyways I’ll be doing day 22, 23 and 24. You ready for this?

Day 22– What one thing that makes you feel bad but you find yourself doing it anyway? I feel bad everyday for pretending to like someone at work. She frustrates me but yet I feel like I have to pretend to like her because I do work with her. Don’t want drama or anything so I keep my mouth shut a lot of the time. Does that make me a bad person?

Day 23– What does your support system look like? My support system.. I have my mom, dad, Kristin, Dorothy, and Gomez. I know if I ever need anything I will forever have them no matter what happens in life.

Day 24– What is something you wish someone would say to you? I wish someone would tell me… “I love you and I always have it’s always been you.” a girl can dream of prince charming and having a happily ever after. I have decided though, I don’t care anymore to find a man. I just need a house, Wi-Fi, Netflix and Lily my chow dog. I’m very content and happy with knowing I’ll more than  likely be single forever.

Well guys after my horrible depressing day and workout, I’m very worn out so I’m going to be turning in for the night. I love you all and thank you so very much for keeping up with my crazy, hectic, very unorganized life. I’m going threw this journey of rediscovery and I’m glad to be taking you all with me. Goodnight and sweet dreams. BBBBYYYYEEEE!




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