We should grab each other’s hands and take a jump off the cliff and hope we fly

Lauv- Chasing Fire


Work has been crazy today. I also have been so very tired so that’s more than likely one reason why it’s so crazy. Today will be short and to the point, have to be at CVS at 8 am. Today is the fabulous day 28. Lets get ready.

Day 28– Who are my role models and what qualities do we share? My mom is my whole model. Why? She is the most caring, loving,sweet, honest and kind women I have ever met. She is strong too. She made me with all those traits and I’m glad, she makes me excited for the future and I always want her to be the same women. She and I share the caring, loving and forgiveness qualities. You can hurt her all you want and she will cry or be mad but she will forgive you in an hour or so because she loves you. My dad cheated on her and they got divorced and she took him back and still loves him like nothing ever happened. she can forgive but not forget, just like you can hurt me and ill be sad or mad and I’ll be your friend again in a hour. I don’t like people being mad at me just like her. I want her I don’t give a fuck attitude but it possibly comes with age haha. I love you momma and I’m glad I chose you to be my mom. You’re an amazing role model.

Goodnight guys. I love you all too. I added the link at the beginning to Lauv new that debut today. I love it and him, he is my little blue boy(he just doesn’t know it) 🙂 BBBYYYEEEE!!





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