He has risen!!

Today is not only Travis Maddox birthday, not only April fools day but it is also Easter. The day Jesus rose from the dead.

Most people spend there days at church and with family. I worked today, 9-5 and it was pretty slow but it was time in a half do that’s good. I wish I was able to get a new dress and take cute pictures but I made some money for my trip to Dallas in the next 2 weeks. I’m so excited to see my cousin again. 🙂

This week is a busy week for sure, tomorrow at Xcel I am working 8am-8pm so wish me luck, I got a new puppy her name is Kitty(don’t make fun).  My mind has been everywhere the last few days. It’s been on what is he doing to what am I doing to man I’m exhausted why the hell did I agree to work 7 days straight with no break. Am i crazy for still thinking of him when he doesn’t of me? *ugh* being a adult sucks, being a adult loving someone who doesn’t love you back sucks worse i think.  I leave for Dallas Friday after work so a weekend away will be great. I’m very excited that’s for sure.

Well guys and gals its been a long ass day, I’ll have a better blog tomorrow. I love you all, goodnight and sweet dreams. BBBYYYEEEE!!!





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