Happiness is hard to find..

Who ever said happiness was easy to find was a big fat liar!!!! He needs to get shot real quick. Everyone can find it and yes everyone found it on their own speed and when they probably wasn’t looking. I am so tired of having good days and bad days. Why is depression such a bitch to live with at times? I hate forcing myself to be happy. I get happy for a while and then something just randomly happens and bam unhappy. It could be a song or an episode of something or just me thinking of random shit. I just start crying, if I knew this is what being a women was going to be I would’ve changed haha jk I like being a girl just the emotions. Geez they are everywhere 24/7. haha

I’ve been spending sometime with a very old friend and he has made me smile again and laugh. Their are times I still think of Devin and he tells me to live in the moment because the moment won’t pause for me to stop being a bitch about life. I wonder when I will finally just forget Devin? In the famous words of Lauv, “Either your head or your heart, you set the other on fire“. Right now my heart stays on fire but my head hurts.

Either way guys I had a very eventful weekend ha went on a few dates and they were good not going to Lie. I liked this guy names Ian he made me laugh a lot, Greg made me laugh and it really wasn’t a date he was a co-worker at TPC we just talked and shared horrible stories with the mentally challenged adults and our other co workers ha. Greg made me realize I lost a great friend because of Jason. I’m glad to back him back again. I went to dinner with Devin that was a good night, didn’t expect ,my coworkers to be there that’s for sure. I took him to my favorite restaurant, we got a PB&J bacon cheeseburger. It was wonderful like an orgasm on my taste buds haha. I enjoyed it. I went for drinks with Gomez and Galindo. I missed those losers so much, they sure do know how to make me laugh unconditionally.

Well goodnight guys and gals, i have another long day tomorrow. Thank you all, for keeping up with my crazy life. Love you all! Have a goodnight and sweet dreams. BBBBYYYYYYEEEEE!!




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