John, Leo and Timothy.


Yesterday was National Siblings Day. I have the best brothers ever. They are each special in their own way and they each make me happy in different ways.

John aka Bubba. He is the jokester in the family, he always makes everyone laugh, he is the life of the party every time he is around a crowd of people.

Leo, he is the protector of the 4 of us. He always makes sure everyone is okay and safe. He is the one you can have a full conversation with and he will actually listen and he gives great advice.

Timothy aka Timmy or Tim. He is very spiritual and listens to everything you say good or bad. He may not have good advice or even give you any at all but knowing he listening is good. He also will randomly text you at time just to say he is happy to be my brother and he loves me.

My brothers are amazing men, with amazing women in their life to guide them on the right path and I know they will do amazing things in life. They each have a good head on their shoulders and will always have me here to support them all the way. I love you guys.

Well have a goodnight and sweet dreams readers. You are all so amazing. Thank you for following me and keeping up with my weird and crazy life. BBBBYYYEEE!!!





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