Finding my Journey

Stars- Skillet


Hello guys and gals, its me again. Sorry for not being around much lately been super busy with work and stuff but hey I’m back again. 🙂

This past week I’ve worked 10 hours overtime and then still worked at Cvs. I’m very exhausted. I have rekindled a friendship I had a long time ago. Clark made me very happy in 2013 and I lost him because Jason. makes me smile and laugh and just forget about all the damn stress I have at the moment. It is truly amazing. 🙂

Anyways this blog was going to be about my happiness and blah blah blah and it still is but I have to tell you guys I wouldn’t be where I am right now in life or my happiness journey  if it wasn’t for one man. Jose Andy Gomez, he is one of a kind. He is always there when I need him to be no matter the time of day or night. Not only because he works 5 pm to 5 am so he is up all hours but he really does care. If he is busy he will take a few minutes to tell me “hey im busy but ill text you in an hour” then in a hour he will text right back. He always tells me straight up no matter how bad it may hurt my feelings. He is always very aware that I’m a girl and I’m ALWAYS  emotional. He has also helped me grow a lot, after Jason left I was so alone and had to make friends all over again and I haven’t been alone since I met him. We may get each other drunk every now and then *cough*once a week *cough**cough* but we will always. He is my best friend! Gomez you make me so happy, you gave me my laugh and smile back when I lost it. Thank you for always being by my side even when I’m wrong(which is never) haha I love you punk.

Okay guys and gals, I’m hitting the hay, i have a 12 day at Xcel energy and im not ready since I don’t really sleep anyways. Have a goodnight and sweet dreams! Love you  all. BBBBYYYYYEEEE!!







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