Lost and Found.

Sorry my lovely followers I haven’t blogged in awhile. I’ve been busy with work and hanging out with friends again. I am slowly finding my way to happiness all over again. Took me awhile that’s for sure ha.

Well it is May 1, 2018, damn this year is happening so fast. I remember like it was January and I was so hung up on a guy not wanting to be friends haha. Then I went to only wanting Devin because I swore up and down I was going to marry him because I was so happy.  Now I have Greg who has made me find my smile and laugh and just pure joy all over again. He also has such cute kids ha 🙂 He also makes me lunch when I stay the night so that’s just cute and I feel special, since he has to work at 5 am but still makes time to make me lunch.

I have been working like 12 hours everyday at Xcel and then  8pm-12 am at CVS. Boy guys I’m very exhausted and moody so I’m sorry. Brennan Michael Soto tells me EVERDAY that I’m going to burn myself out or just die from being so dang tired. He must really know me. You’ll hear it first here guys 5-13-2018—5-26-2018 I’m not working any overtime. I’m taking a break to just catch up on sleep for once.  🙂

Well my beautiful people I am about to clock out at Xcel and go to my next job Cvs. Love you all! BBBBBBYYYYYYEEEEE!!!!









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