I have what I have and I am very happy.

It is Friday my dudes and female dudes. WOOT WOOT!!

So I don’t really have any plans this weekend *cough*NERD*cough**cough* ha. I know I’ll be hanging out with a friend and working that’s about it. My life it seems like is always work work work. I am not as tired as I have been so that’s really good right?

Anyways today I woke up extremely happy fro some reason. I don’t know but it is pretty awesome. I think maybe because it’s Friday and I am about to start my weekend with Greg. I’m also excited to go home take a bath with a bath bomb and a face mask. Work so has been I can say a pretty laid back day, besides my car people being jerks like always. If you guys only knew what I had to deal with this week with them. Man I have so many grey hairs now, you would think I was 90. I’m totally kidding.  Maybe ha.

My night tonight is filled with junk food, scary movies with Greg and then hopefully we go to bed semi early since we both work tomorrow. If you know me, you know I don’t sleep a lot. That sucks for sure. That just seems like a goodnight to me ha.

Well have a wonderful night guys and gals! Love you all! Thank you all guys and gals for following my crazy boring life ha. Have a great weekend. BBBBYYYYYEEEEE!!







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