Never a dull moment in my own head..

Hello my wonderful readers. Thank you all for not giving up on me so far. Sorry I haven’t been writing lately I have been super busy with so much overtime here at Xcel. Besides that tho I do enjoy working here a lot. It is defiantly less stressful than CVS so that’s good.

Xcel has done so much for me in regards to paying my new car off a little quicker than I expected since I’m working so much overtime. It will be all worth it tho right? I think yes!!

So last night I didn’t sleep so well and since I didn’t my mind was going everywhere. To nobody loves me, I’m not worthy if anything but being a loser and single forever and that my best friends Gomez and Greg were getting tired of me and they don’t want to see me anymore. It sucks like BIG time when my depression hits. People think I’m just emotional and a baby and I just need to suck it up. People just don’t understand and that sucks even more. One day people will actually understand and people will get it but it takes time I understand that.

I have had some help in the being happy department so thank you Greg for that, means a lot to me. Sorry Hun for being a loser and always falling asleep during movies or super fast when we try to watch tv shows. 🙂

Anyways guys and girls. My day has become way better than how it started this morning so yay! I’m going to log off and get back to work. haha 🙂 Have a wonderful night. BBBYYYYEEEEE!!




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