Weekend to remember..

So it’s been a crazy weekend guys and gals. These are just a few pictures I was able to take. I haven’t had so much fun with people I actually enjoy in a long time. I’m legitimately  happy once again. It’s not just because Greg, or because I am actually doing stuff for me but I actually just feel content. 🙂

You’re  all more than likely thinking this bitch is crazy but I’m not. I got to talk to my best friend Gomez the other day, he is good just working a lot like me. We are hard workers so we don’t get to see one another as much as we used to. I get to see him soon though also our one year friend anniversary is in 29 days!! Gomez I deserve a cool gift (just saying)I am a weird one I know but Gomez, I love you so much, thank you for always bringing me up when I’m down and getting me drunk when I need it and taking care of me when I get to shit faced. Luckily I don’t drink anymore.  🙂

I also got to see Gabby and her daughter Bella. I haven’t seen them in a few months. It was great. 🙂 I sure did miss the talks we had.

I am on call this week and next week, I’m not looking forward to that at all, lets hope I don’t get called out but if I do that’s extra money in my pocket. 🙂 *woot**woot*


Well guys, have a goodnight and sweet dreams I’ll be writing again soon! BBBBYYYYYEEEE!!!



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