The C word.

Hello readers, this blog will be a serious one so I’m sorry. Just know after you read please don’t treat me differently. I’m still Ellena and I’m still the goofy, funny, cute ha girl we all know. So let’s begin.

I went to my Dr yesterday for a really bad stomach problem, I thought oh just a stomach bug ill be fine. They did a small x-ray and say a lump and they advised me to go to the emergency room to do a better work up on it. I did, they saw I had a cist on my ovaries so that is why I was in pain. Also there was a lump 2 inches wide and 3 inches long on my colon, they don’t know for sure if it’s nothing or it could be cancerous. You all don’t know but I have lost my uncle to cancer, my Aunt had cancer. The big C word is like part of my family. I really don’t get to scared to often and when I do I usually laugh about it after. I am for reals scared this time. I will be strong though because I’m not one to make other people worry especially my family or should I say my mom.

I have my follow-up appointment on this Thursday, so please pray for me. I’m working a bunch of overtime this week and next week to try to make up for the week I took off last week. ha I’m weird but I might be getting a house with my best friends Gomez and Galindo. 🙂

Anyways guys and Gals I have 30 minuets left in my shift. Have a wonderful night and make them memories! 🙂 Love you all.






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