Summer sunshine and ocean

June 1, 2018 was not only the beginning of the month but it was also the day I got the keys to my new house. Boy oh boy do I love it. Pictures to come as I get it all done soon to come.


I did go to the doctor this morning to get my lump looked ta on my colon, they advised me to get a colonoscopy so they can get a biopsy of it to figure out if it cancer, a tumor or if I’m just full of shit haha. I’m hoping its just shit but who knows. I have so many test I have to do and it is wearing my body down. I’m very tired and very sore and my head hurts 24/7. It’s been a crazy ride with it all. I know I’ll be fine though I have a wonderful support system. Thank you all for being there when I needed to complain or just needed to cry. I love you all.

I’m currently working 52 hours a week and sometimes I just cant get my ass to sleep and stay asleep so I’m literally going crazy at times. My depression and anxiety has went from 0-100 real fast on some days. It’s so crazy. anywaysss…



Have a wonderful night my wonderful people, love you and thank you for sticking around even though I haven’t blogged much. y’all are great followers! 🙂 BBBYYYYEEEEE!!!





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