Andy Gomez Jr.

Okay guys and gals I’m going to be bragging a bit about my best friend and my new roommate. So bear with me and suck it up just deal with it.

Well my best friend got promoted to Sargent at his work. We have talked about this so many times and I’m so very proud in him. He will do great I know he will. I am so very glad to have gotten to know this young man in my lifetime. He has shown me that I am not alone, I do have friends and that its okay to open up about my feelings and crap. He will always be there for me and I will always be by your side to punk while you walk on this new journey. If you fall I’ll be there to catch you like you’ve caught me plenty of damn times. Haha you’ll do great, I have so much faith in you.

I love you punk and cant wait to give you a big hug at 5 am or later ha I don’t like to wake up early if I don’t have to. See you at home!


okay guys I’m done being that friend, have a fantastic night!





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