7-2-2018. This photo was from this morning before I walked into work this morning. Did I want to walk in? yes I did but come to find out we are super busy today makes me wish I called in. I’m kidding I really like my job! I will be attempting to do another 30 day challenge and I’ll be trying my very best I promise. So day 1 and 2 are today.

Day 1- is a recent photo and an introduction to this challenge. I basically told you in the beginning I’ll be attempting this again and that this photo was from today. So that make day 1 √

Day 2- 20 facts about me. This will be a bit harder since most of you know a lot about me since I’m very open with a lot of my business. Lets give it a try though. 🙂

1. I have a very bad habit of popping my fingers, neck, toes, back and anything else I can find that pops.

2. I have so many lipsticks and some of them are more than likely the same color just a different brand. I always were the same color too.

3. I love baking. I bake when I can’t sleep so sometimes you’ll find me in the kitchen at 2 am because I just cant sleep. sucks at times but make my friends and co-workers happy.

4. I am going to be an aunt at the end of August.

5. I bit my lip a lot and bite it till the skin is all off and I’m bleeding. It hurts but yet I do it all the damn time.

6. I drink a lot. my family wishes I didn’t but I do. I like it a lot ha.

7. I have two dude roommates who I love so very much. They have been their for me through so much and have held my hand when I was crying and wanting to just die. They have my back and I’ll forever have there back.

8. I love all animals but snacks and spiders.

9. I want to have my own house in the middle of no where and have 100’s of dogs from shelters. all kinds I don’t discriminate.

10.   I don’t like meat but I will eat a small steak once a month to just to help my iron levels. I bruise it very easily.

11. I love musicals, chick flicks and scary movies.

12. I love going to haunted houses but I hate being scared. I’m weird sorry not sorry.

13. I dislike a lot of people but you’ll never know it because I can still be your best friend if I see you in public.

14. I love my family so much. if they ever came to me and said I killed someone help me hide the body. best be seeing me with gloves, bleach and dragging that body across the floor.

15. I fall in love very very easily. Once I love you I’ll basically do anything or try to  keep you in my life.

16. I love my job even though I work way to much. I love the people I work with and love how much we all get along. 🙂

17. coffee is my best friend morning, afternoon and night. it doesn’t keep me awake anymore I just drink it now because I like the taste of it.

I don’t really know what else to say but have a goodnight and I’m off for the night. 🙂







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