hates, purse and habits.


Today is defiantly a Monday that’s for sure. I’ve been trying to write this blog all damn day but can only get a few words typed then I will get a call. Sucks butthole! So now I will be writing days 7, 8 and 9. Ready?

Day 7- What does my pet hate? Lily bear hates not getting attention. if you are over you better be rubbing her belly or she will rub up on you scratch you to get your attention. She is very needy. 🙂

Day 8- What’s in my purse? Oh man I have a big purse so when you think of Mrry Poppins purse that’s basically mine. I have my meds, my makeup bag, my makeup brushes, 10 different lipsticks but they are basically all the same color, my check book, my old phone, receipts from everywhere and last but not least a water bottle. Hahaha I know its a lo my bad, not really.

Day 9- What is your worst habits? Popping my back, my finers, my knees, my anckles, my toes and my neck. I also bite my lips skin off to the point I start bleeding or my lip hurts to eat or drink anything. I’m a weird one I know that too. 🙂 The lip thing is a nervous habit and if I want to stop I have to be chewing on something so gum, sunflower seeds something and anything.

Well I’m going to be logging off now, got to get some work done since I’m here till 11. Love you all, have a wonderful night.





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