Physical Features don’t always make a person

Today is not only Tuesday but it is a good one. I got my very first frozen Redbull from Cliffside Coffee here in Amarillo, tx. It was heaven on my taste buds. Well today is day 10, July is going by fast sucks. I am only 24 but yet my life seems to be going 100 mph. Anyways..

Day 10– What do I consider my best feature? I really don’t know truthfully. I like my smile and my eyes. My eyes are big and my smile is soft, well to me anyways you all might think different but its what I think. Maybe my big heart too, you can hurt me and say mean stuff to me but I’ll forgive you and continue to love you. I’m a weirdo I think. I can forgive in a blink of a eye but I cant forget that easily. So my best features are eyes, smile and heart.

Have a wonderful night guys and gals! Love you all.








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