34 Facts about me.

My name is Ellena Maria Rivera. I am 24 years, I was born at 8:05 am and I was 8 pounds and 5 oz. I was skinny, what happened haha just kidding. I currently standing at 5’3, with a show size of 6, brown hair and beautiful brown eyes. My current relationship status is single like a Pringle. I love my roommates Galindo and Gomez, they always have my back like I will have there’s.  My relationship with my parents is wonderful, it used to not be though.

3 fears of mine are… never being enough, never being skinny enough and being pretty enough.  3 things I love.. I love ice cream, my best friend and my Lily bug! 4 turn ons I have.. woah very personal. I like neck kisses, tickles and just cuddle with me. 4 turn offs would be ummm cockiness, if you’re a asshole, or you try to be cool. Just be yourself guys please.

A few of my favorite things is next. My favorite color is PURPLE OR AQUAMARINE. My all time favorite quote is “SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL, BUT NOT LIKE THOSE GIRLS IN THE MAGAZINES. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL FOR THE WAY SHE THOUGHT. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL FOR THE SPARKLE IN HER EYES WHEN SHE TALKED ABOUT SOMETHING SHE LOVED. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL FOR HER ABILITY TO MAKE OTHER PEOPLE SMILE, EVEN IF SHE WAS SAD. NO, SHE WASN’T BEAUTIFUL FOR SOMETHING AS TEMPORARY AS HER LOOKS. SHE WAS BEAUTIFUL, DEEP DOWN TO HER SOUL.”- F. Scott Fitzgerald  My favorite place would have to be in bed with a wonderful book in my hands. I am that much of a book nerd. Favorite movie would have to be Moulin Rouge, musicals are my all time favorite but that was the very first musical I saw and it sparked my love for them. Favorite song, I am deeply in love with Lauv right now I am even going to see him in concert in October. My favorite song though is “Tell your heart to beat again Dank Gokey. it helped me pout ALOT when Jason and I broke up. Favorite holiday, oh my gosh if you don’t know me then let me tell you; CHRISTMAS!!! The smell of peppermint, music, lights and just family. My favorite food is anything really Italian. My favorite style of clothing is comfortable haha. My favorite band right now is Lauv but I really like any 80’s hair band (poison, Def Leppord, Mr. Big etc.)

My best friend is Dorothy Katherine Marie Edgar! We have been friends since pre-k and we have such busy schedules so when we see each other its like we pick up where we left off. 🙂 I love her to death. Best first date was with Jason. He picked me up with flowers and my favorite I didn’t even tell him, we had dinner and we were late for our movie  but he bought tickets so we could watch the previews since that is my favorite part of movies anyways. To me it seemed like he actually cared and listened to me.

My sexual orientation is straight, I may think some women are hot but I’m very straight. What am I listening to right now, Adrenaline-Lauv. Do I use sarcasm..? NNNNNNNOOOO haha yes I use it who doesn’t? Have I ever did a prank call, I did used to be a teenager so yes I did. The first thing I notice in a new person ids their eyes, they show a lot more than you think people. . You can see hurt and pain and so much more. I have a crush on G-eazy for sure. I miss the simpler times when I didn’t have a 400.00 car payment, 400.00 insurance and 400.00 rent. How do I feel right now? I feel tired and exhausted. I have 2 piercings and 5 tattoos but I want more tattoos. The meaning behind my url it is just my name guys not that big of a deal sorry.

There is my 34 facts. have a wonderful night guys. Love you all. Thank you.



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