Pill Shaming..

Some days are better than most. There is also some days where I just break down. I want to alone and cry or even dead sometimes. why? does anyone ever really know why, I don’t think so. I have a chemical unbalance and without my medication it’d be worse. I take the same medication twice a day.

Pill shaming is toxic and it’s time to break down the societal taboo. Having a mental illness is hard enough as it is without the pill shaming stigma that floats among those struggling. There is so much misinformation out there about antidepressants and antipsychotic drugs — being addictive or you being weak for taking them. I think that is so wrong in many different ways. Exercise or eating healthy and keeping busy are enough for some people, but others need that extra push, that extra bit of help to enable them to live a “normal,” happy life. Which, don’t we all deserve? A life neither ruled by fear, or crushed by depression and anxiety. In the same way you’d wear glasses to help you see better, some people take a pill to give them the assistance they need to help their mind. And that’s OKAY!

Just because it isn’t physical, visible or tangible, we have a way of  treating it like it’s wrong, like mental illness is less of an illness than a visible one. There is no shame in accepting the help of medication. It doesn’t make you any less human, it doesn’t make you weak or any less capable of doing the job, writing the essay or completing the degree — the same way a person without a mental illness would. Educate yourself, find out more about these illness’ before jumping on the stigma stallion and riding out into the sunset with all the other uneducated assholes. People should not feel ashamed or guilty for struggling with mental illness or for seeking help and taking medication. I think it’s you who should be ashamed. You the friend, you the partner, you the family member and you the employer. For your naivety and arrogance which adds to the ever-growing stigma drowning mental health.

For anyone and I mean anyone who’s going through a dark patch right now, I’m here for you. Talk, take meds if you need to, go for jogs, walk the dog, go to therapy, drink some herbal tea. One glove doesn’t fit all, but everything’s worth a try right? Don’t be afraid — seek help.

End the stigma!!!!!



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