Baby Daddy.

So people have been asking me alot latley if I hate my baby daddy, if I’m going to let him part of me and my kids life, if I this or that. Well I am here to clarify so things about my whole situation. So grap your popcorn and wine and get ready. 🙂

This man he helped me alot over the few months. I’ve known him for years like 2012 to 2014. We stopped being friends after he got his other baby momma pregnat (not me) and I got with Jason. Mostly Jason though was the reason for our fall out. Jason made me choose and of course I picked him since I knew he didnt pick me and i was young i didnt know i’d lose so much with that relationship thats another story though. Jason and I had our fights about him and Jason had his fights with him too, but besides all that this man was always i mean it ALWAYS there for me. If i ever needed anything or just need a hug or just to talk or cry he was there. Back then he was just someone I’d go over to hang out with, drink, play video games and you know stuff not meant for the audience i have haha. This time around i was finally at a good place in my life, I knew what i wanted in life and a relationship. I knew going in what it was and what we were and it was fine with me. We had fun, we made memories and he made me happy. I forgot what laughing was, what smiling was what just being 24 was. He helped so much on clearing my mind, relaxing and just pretty. Everyone has their flaws and I always have mine in the back of my head and he knew when to tell me I’m pretty or skinny at the right time. He did keep me on my toes to, his family was so sweet and funny, his sister always made me laugh thats for sure. I will let him part of my life if he wanted to be. I’m not going to force him or anything but I will be forever greatful for him. He gave me a miracle that my family and I NEVER thought would happen. So I am forever greatful to him for that reason in general. Thank you so very much!

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