Self care week

So last week I told you all I was going to be taking a SELF CARE week and I did. It was wonderful!

Nourishing yourself in a way that helps you blossom in the direction you want to go is attainable, and you worth the effort.

   – Deborah Day

Monday-  I did a pedicure at home while listening to soothing music. It was good to just get away for a bit.

Tuesday- I drank a gallon of water and ate a bunch fruit and ate a chicken salad for dinner. I put my phone away for a few hours to enjoy quite and eat in peace.

Wednesday- I gathered up all my “Love Spell” candles and took a long bath. I had music playing and a warm bath with a bath bomb and candles. I was able to just relax for once in a long time.

Thursday- I was able to finally finish the show I was watching, The Hills. I  did a face mask and I also read my bible and did some journaling. That made me more happy than ever!

Friday- It was my birthday!! I’m 25 years young! I found out I’m having a boy! I am excited beyond relief! I also was able to see my best friend and her kids. her kids make me happy.

Saturday- I just worked and ate pizza and did another facemask and was able to watch my vlogs I follow. I needed a laugh so that’s good.

Sunday- Was the superbowl so I didn’t do anything but prep for that. my parents and brother came and we watched it. Of course my team got another win!

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