You and I are enough.

Dear Girl who thinks she isn’t enough.

Hey girl. I’ve been in your shoes, hell I have those thoughts at least 3 times a week. I’ve had to change shoes because they wear out time and time again. Do you ever get tired? I do but I put on a smile and go about my day. Don’t let that man or woman make you believe less of yourself. I’m one to talk but I know you are AMAZING! Everyone gets those little moments where you think that you’re not enough, you’re not pretty enough, not skinny enough and all that. I get it? Oh believe me I do. I’ve done it from time to time. One day I hope to never feel that way. You don’t need anyone but yourself and some chocolate. I want you to look in the mirror and say this, I am enough 3 times. Works every time, you might cry while doing it but you got this! Girl you are so enough. You are beautiful, kind, sweet, loving and so much more. I love you girl and you got this! I am enough, you are enough. You are more than enough! I love you, keep your head up!

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