Life is great

John and I
Maddox and Pepper
My dad
My momma

This November I am going to try to write everyday or every other day and do a 30 day self-reflective writing prompts. I know today is the 4th so here I am already running late, but it’s better late than never. So here I go.

Day 1- 10 things I am grateful for. I know dang well I can’t come up with 10 so how about I do four? We all know I am FOREVER grateful for Maddox my son, he makes the days better. I am grateful to have my mom and dad who help me so much not just with watching Maddox while I work my butt off but just being there for me when I need it and even when I don’t. I am grateful for John, he has been my best friend for years and I love him to death. He can be a asshole but I can be a bitch so we are a great team. He has helped me so much with being a dad to Maddox and helping me stay sane when I am super stressed or my anxiety or depression kick in. I am very glad to have a great support system on my side.

Day 2- 3 goals I want to accomplish by the end of the month. I want to be able to get an A in the class in am in currently. I would like to get on a better sleep schedule if possible (sleep has never been my friend). I would also want to lose 5 pounds, I know that one is like impossible with all the holidays coming up. I can try though and that’s all that matters.

Day 3- Biggest Mistake I’ve made this week. I don’t think I made one that can be like I remember. I do know I got a bit frustrated with Maddox because he was fighting his sleep and it was like almost 1 and I was tired. I regret getting frustrated because it isn’t his fault. I tried that cry it out method for once and it sucked! I don’t recommend it.

Day 4- On a scale from 1-10 how is my mental health is at a…. because. We all know I know I’ve had a hard time with my mental health. I can never fully be okay, I either have a bad anxiety week, stress or depressed. Today I am about a 5, I am still a bit stressed but I am also happy. It can also change at any moment so that can be a bit hard, I can be happy now and sad in an hour. Depression can be a bitch that’s for sure. The meds do work from time to time so that’s always good. I will always bounce back though! 🙂

Anyways guys and gals there is a small recap of my life, have a great day! Love you all!


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